January 24, 2011
Disturbed by the hollow thought.

Shaking with fear, trembling near

As time slows, and reveals the devastation you've brought

Fleeing from the uncertainty

Embracing each other

And the new possibility

That it's not over

Not for you. Not for me.

We toy with our forces unknown

Power no one expected

Force no one's perfected

The outcome no one could have known

Everything deteriorates

As the broken memory precipitates

Our dreams and future intertwine,

Something beautiful, it creates

We break away from the pain that binds us

And pray that happiness finds us

You become my past and present

We grow closer together

As we travel into a bright forever

No longer distraught

As we except the destiny we've bought

As love is claimed

And a new future remains

We travel together

Free. Unchained.

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