His Arms; Her Home

January 24, 2011
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A warm breeze caresses her face;
She flashes back to that time:

The sun kissing her face, her wet hair soaking her shirt
She thinks of him;

His arms holding her tight, the sound of his laugh.
An ache spears through her heart as she remembers her happiness.

Blinded by love, she failed to see reality.
She should’ve known he would’ve hurt her;

She could’ve avoided the burning tears.
She remembers the feel of his shirt on her cheek as they danced on the shore;

The way her dress engulfed her as she twirled
She can almost hear his hushed whisper in her ear “I wish we could stay lost in this moment forever..”

And how enamored she was by that silly lie.
She quivers as she swallows back her tears; wondering how she could still want him,

He warned her about himself; she didn’t listen.
But there is nothing she wants more, than to go back to that summer and stay there forever.

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