Charlie: Christmas Gift 2010

January 24, 2011
“Check back.”

You tense; your hands slightly tighten on the reins.

No, this is not called control.

It’s called checking back.

It’s just… shall we say, making sure.

Really, control is just an illusion.

You are never in control.

You and your horse share the power.

“Feel of your horse.”

A tight, quick squeeze on the reins.

Your horse’s head dips momentarily.

A small smile creeps on your face; you are glad.

The smile quickly disappears; you have more important things to worry about then keeping it there.

“Think where you want to go.”

You eye the jump; belief in yourself and your horse encourage you to go for it.

Your horse, as Charlie has said, feels your thoughts, and easily moves under you towards the jump.

You check back once more.

Your breath rushes out in a slow huff; your horse, clearly understanding your meaning, slightly slows.

You slide forward into a two-point; your horse tenses; you feel the muscles preparing.

You give your horse their head, slightly releasing the reins.

You have no worries of keeping control.

For you know now there is no such thing.

Your horse leaps; the time slows to a creeping pace.

Midair, you feel it.

The connection.

Your bodies join.

You are no longer horse and rider.

You are now one.

Muscles, thoughts, feelings, breaths, goals, lives, focuses, everything.

It all connects in this split second that feels like it is endless.

The perfection, the ease.

Your horse simply glides over the jump.

A nice, smooth landing.

You pat your horse on the neck, beaming congratulatory and thankful thoughts at them.

How can one manage this?

They can’t.

You need three.

Three, you ask?

Is it not just horse and rider?


Of course not.

Do not forget who teaches the necessary skills that help you both manage such a perfect jump.




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