what we fear

January 23, 2011
By rayzdboss GOLD, Miramar, Florida
rayzdboss GOLD, Miramar, Florida
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we all have fears

they can be far or they can be near.

but we all have fears.

the fear of not knowing of the knowing of whats to fear.

but, i fear to know that i have fears.

i fear to lose my baby girl.

i fear to see the day that she vanishes from my world.


i fear to see the day that i walk away,

from the thing that i do best..poetry, the thing that enables me to express the feelings found deep within my chest.

i have a fear.

i fear to show further disappointment to those around me.

we all have fears.

a lot of us just fear to know, just fear to admit..

but if only they knew that they just fear to know that they do. fear, fear.

we must be strong and sustain this fear.

because one thing that we don't know is what is fear?

fear, well, is that one thing that you can't seem to run away from because no matter how far you go, it'll fine you.

if we humans are so powerful than why do we give in the the weakness of fear?

its because we have the power to fear.

you see, fear is power.

fear is what makes us weak.

i fear.

we fear.

to know that fears are what keep us from being strong and becoming just so weak.

whats your fear?

some swear that they don't have any

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