For Joseph

January 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I couldn’t piece it together if I tried,
because it makes no sense
from whatever angle I look at.
It was like peering through water;
everything distorted and hazy and vague,
just the same as his excuses.
I’m trying to string together a necklace of worn out words
and broken hearts
-strike that-
just one broken heart,
but everything slips off at the last moment.
And the funny thing is,
I tied the knot at the end so tight,
(or so I thought)
that “what always happens” couldn’t make it break.
Apparently I was mistaken.
The perspective that set in,
the unabashed reality of it all was too strong;
I’m afraid I overdosed.
But now the irony of the situation is nearly comical,
the devotion, the love, the loyalty,
only to be rewarded with a trash bag full of tears.
And to think that we once owned the world.
But you know what they say-
that’s life.

The author's comments:
I never thought getting your heart broken would be so hard to find words for

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