He was gone.

We followed him throughout the house.
It was no longer a home, its homeliness and comfort
Had been taken by the strange behavior. He was pacing
Back and forth, while we discussed possible problems.
He looked through us all, as if we were mere ghosts with no
Emotion or presence. We were nothing to him, and he was
Everything to us. We felt a presence which was impossible to pinpoint.
As he escaped to his bathroom sanctuary to read from The Book, we were
On the verge of tears and slowly, we were dying internally. He was losing
Sanity, which is a subject that I believe no one can grasp. Sanity accompanied
With the word normal, is the puddle of water in an everlasting desert. As we approach,
It becomes much more desirable. We feel the cool, refreshing water tickle our dry, cracked
Lips. When we get to the puddle, it is gone. We see it later in the sand, trying to
Resist the teasing temptation, we fall into the trance again. Again we are fooled
And we are devastated. Now he had been in the desert for years, and he came close
To the water daily. He was tricked over and over. Then he lost it all. He was
Leaving the world to find his desert with an oasis. He needed the comfort, which
He was not finding here. He turned his head slowly, his eyes grew black, and he was gone.
He had grown insane, and I soon followed

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