The Willow Hollow

January 23, 2011
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The wind, whistles and howls through the forbidding trees
Echoing my empty heart;
My shackles, chain and tether me to recollections of you
Of which I wish never to have known;
Your company, I so despise with every fiber,
For I desire not but time as my friend now;

My soul, drained of all sentiment,

Imitates your empty words weaved through treacherous lies;
The pond’s ripples drift and float out to its abrupt banks

Like my gentle reality crashing down about my shoulders;
My mind, swimming with images of you,

Huddles in the dark, damp caverns left in my world;
Your memory haunts me,

Creeping and lurking in every sentence I hear whispered;
My tears, a testament

To the all my passion and love, slowly draining down the basin;
Your larger-than-life personification,

All conjured up in my false imagination
I desire not but time as my companion through the barren willow hollow.

Only time can help heal my empty heart’s sorrow.

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