Where Have you Been?

January 23, 2011
The day we met was like flying to heaven and back.
Times had never seemed more perfect than those moments.
Holding hands and name calling was a thing of purpose for once in my life.
Things haven't been the same since then.
You're gone and my heart has learnt a sad song to play to my running tears.
But it's nothing to moan about.
It's nothing to show worry over.
Cause to my surprise, you still care.
Your heart is just as stupid for me as mine is stupid for you.
Sure, the days we share are no longer side by side, but in minds thoughts we have each other and connection is still made.
So where have you been my life?
That's not a question suitable for the situation, because the obvious answer still holds true today.
You've never left
You've remained nice, warm, and lovely in my heart.

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