Waiting for Her Soldier

January 23, 2011
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His boots sit by the door
Waiting for feet, waiting for action
They hold each other, tears glistening
He leaves in mere hours
His return uncertain
Who is she without him?

She is strong, healthy
She stands in her own conviction
Her own independence, sense of self
She can do this…
She can do anything…

She stands with him, fingers interlaced
One last kiss…
She watches him walk away
Gun slung across his back
Boots tied tight, each step taking him
Further away from her.
She knows he’ll come back someday…
He will come back…

Bombs fall, sand flies, shots ring out
His senses prickle, survival
He looks at the moon, full, hanging
Low in the foreign sky
He wishes he were home with her.
He has to get back…
He has to…

He steps off the plane
Boots muddy, gun slung across his back
She sees him, he’s looking for her
Trembling, she runs to him,
Jumps into his waiting arms
They are together again….
Together again at last….

His boots sit by the door,
Waiting for feet, for action
He ties them on as he hears her laugh
His little girl; blond curls, green eyes
She watches him and their child
He’s home to stay, she thinks…
Home to stay…

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