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January 23, 2011
By luci789 BRONZE, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania
luci789 BRONZE, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania
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The heart grieves
For many things,
In many different ways.
The soul longs for a friend.
And when these thoughts eat you up,
Things come.
At first, no one knows.
Until it comes into daylight.
And then the words come flowing out.
You can't stop yourself from speaking.
The rumors spread,
But don't let it hurt you.
The beauty starts to fade,
But don't let it scar you.
No one knows where the sun goes
When it rains.
Or how the moon disappears
When it's bright outside.
Sometimes we wonder
Where our lives are gonna go.
If we'll be successful,
Or throw it all away.
We think a lot of thoughts,
Some hurtful, some not.
We wonder
What will become of things?
In the end times, and tomorrow.
We mourn,
We cry.

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