playing with fire

January 25, 2011
By Anonymous

The girl with you is a different me
The one who can’t get past her awkward insecurities
Laughing to hide the fear behind her smile
Because she is so scared of losing you again
That hiding part of herself feels worthwhile
You’re the reason she can’t sleep at night
Why she lays awake wondering
If everything is alright
There is something about you
That she can’t seem to break through
Everything inside her is telling her to let you go
people tell her your no good
and she tries to believe
that the real you is not who they know
she’s convinced herself you’ve changed
makes up excuses for you
And keeps on playing your games
She wonders if the relationship is worth this pain
She wants to say no but she just can’t walk away
She knows she’s playing with fire
But the thought of getting back what she once had
Outweighs the fear of getting burned

The author's comments:
I had never liked anybody as much as i liked this one boy. And he broke up with me. It took me about two years to get to the point where I was convinced that I was over him. Then suddenly, he liked me again, and I realized that i wasnt as over it as i thought. I (stupidly) gave him another chance. This poem is about my fear of losing him again, or more accurately, my struggle to hold on after i should have let go. I hope you guys can relate

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