Hymnus Amantis

January 25, 2011
O! O! Where to start!
Shall I dig deep into my
Shall I give in to your presumptuous ways?
As I am blinded by a foggy haze!
Wretched is the day that beseeches the night
Who ruins the world with its terrible plight
Wretched are you, my lover’s curse,
For all lost time, I must be reimbursed.
I am lost, lost in a sea of confusion,
Filled with harrowing delusion
Poseidon, enduring and cruel,
Do you take me for a fool?
Strong are your tides, awesome and rough,
Yet although you make navigation tough,
You are no match, for a lover’s heart,
That shall not yield, nor be torn apart
As two twins conjoined at birth,
Our hearts shall live with mirth.
When one is two and two is one,
Our love shines like the soothing sun,
Though you shan’t recognize your evil course,
You shall one day feel remorse.
For I shall eternally stay,
Hoping each and every day,
That you shall wake up from your dreaded sleep,
For these cursed days make me weep!
So continue on, with your hibernation,
And I shall still recite my incantation.
These are the days of awe,
Repent my love, please find your flaw.
Oblivisci praeteritorum dierum
Et apud me venit tandem.

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