Upon Her Lips

January 25, 2011
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She entered the empty room,
Dust spiraling in the light,
Light from a mere candle began to bloom,
As the light softly echoed, a book came into sight,
She opened it to an introduction,
With a smile on her lips.

She searched for that page,
That would be her savior,
From the Darkman's rage,
She stopped at a page written with much flavor,
Her small voice graced to sing,
A whisper upon her lips.

"You've felt his blood boil from his rage,
You've felt the loss of the life of this page,
You feel the sorrow of insanity,
You feel his attempts of death end with vanity,
You've echoed his fondness,
His never known love,
Please, shield your eyes from that light above!
Feel no mercy, no love! Only hate!
Look to HIS eyes and see HIS fate!
Let him be no more, to mine soul,
Let him suffer he's never had before."

Her voice rang with a remorseful finality,
For she suffered a monstrous abnormality,
The darkness began to leek into the light,
The candle went out, an answer to her hateful plight,
It felt her insanity,
Her wishful finality,
It never felt this full,
Feeding off of evil,
It shifted and sculpted itself,
A woman of darkness emerged,
A smile upon her lips.

The image was horrible,
So cruelly sadistic,
The mental girl shrieked,
Her finger-like claws,
Clawed at the emptiness, the darkness, the lady,
A scream upon her lips.

Darkness wrapped around her, oozing into her body,
The girl's hate became her vassal,
When the girl looked into front of her,
Poulinka's dark, black hair didn't shine,
Her dress didn't shimmer,
Her legs didn't glimmer in this absence of light,
The only light there was,
Was the light, flickering red in her eyes,
A challenge upon her lips.

"You cannot be me!"
Neramsica shouted,
She turned and fled,
Her cape flooding around her,
She escaped into the hallway,
And shut the door behind her,
Her black hair shining in the new found light,
She ran and ran to her little house,
To her husband,
Her son,
Her daughter,
And greeted them,
A secret upon her lips.

"Did you dye your lovely blonde hair?"
He asked profundly,
She nodded her head,
And licked her lips.

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NeVassa said...
Feb. 16, 2011 at 9:35 pm
Nessa you're awesome!
NeVassa replied...
Apr. 5, 2011 at 2:04 pm
Thanks Dad...XD
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