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January 22, 2011
By football_NYG_17 SILVER, Fairfax, Vermont
football_NYG_17 SILVER, Fairfax, Vermont
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"I think when you move past your fear and go after your dreams wholeheartedly, you
become free. Know what I'm saying? move past the fear."- LLCool J

So this is it
That’s the end
Breaking a heart
And saving your self?

I hope you life
Works just as great
“friends” don’t cover
Your mistake

You better know
I’ve let you go
But the pain still lingers
Even today

I hope you can’t sleep
Cause your mind floats around me
I’ll haunt you, my sweet smile in every dream
Just out of focus

You can’t feel what I feel,
But I hope you know
My time will come
When you’ll be back

My mind can’t come up
With the words I have to say
So I just stare, at this piece broken
I shiver at the thought, that you were once mine

I’ve fallen and repaired.
Damaged and hurt
You’ll never get through my gates
My guard is up

And it will never fall, never around you
I’m sorry to say
But “friends” won’t do
You’ve lost me my dear

The author's comments:
This is something i wrote after a guy broke my heart

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