Exquisite corpse

January 22, 2011
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he cold air danced on my skin
as i walked down the beach and the coconut trees blew from the wind,
dropping coconuts left and right.

the trees swayed in the wind, like humans having a thunderstorm party in this horrible weather. its funny how in such a imperfect world something can work out so perfectly

the ball sizzled through the thick air, skipping across the dew grass into the sturdy fence near the little puppy that whimpered and cried, it survived and made me believe I, I could do anything.

sleeping is a time to not only relax,
but a time to think about all the important things in your life, but be careful,
we can create our own misery through thoughts of our disappointments.

the crystal clear water flowed through my toes, as it retreated to the ocean abyss,
but I cant wait for the time of year when the cold winter winds hiss through the street as the snow falls slowly to the cold ground where the children are waiting.

the way you look at me, it makes me feel like i have butterflies in my stomach hanging by a thread, but no, we’re not dead...not yet

the sapphire blue water dashed towards me while i was in awe from the bright orange harvest moon light, but at the same time i was thinking that living is’nt fun, if you dont add excitment to your life.

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