January 22, 2011
Broken like the keys of an old piano,
Fake like all the lies that you've told her,
Tattered like the curtains of an old abandoned house,
Abused like a stray dog...

Broken like a rusty 1969 Chevelle,
Fake like the artificial flowers that sit in the window sill,
Tattered like the wings of a demonic fairy,
Abused like an emo girl all alone...

Broken like the smile on the poor girl's face,
Fake like the laughter she tries to show,
Tattered like the walls of that old abandoned house,
Abused like the priceless paintings that just was forgotten...

Broken is that poor girl's heart,
Fake like the people who made it that way,
Tattered is her dress from yesteryear,
Abused from all the mental anguish...

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