Spacious Possibilities

January 21, 2011
By Anonymous

The universe is without limits,
the spaces ‘tween uninhabited planets
pitch-black and silent.
Or so I’ve been told.

What if star flares
are actually dancing queens?
And the miles of emptiness
really dense, tropical foliage?

Saturn’s rings aren’t rock,
but rose petals and rice
from extravagant weddings.
And spiral galaxies? Bubbling Jacuzzis.

Perhaps black holes are really
large-scale handkerchiefs.
And meteors are aliens’
Down-hearted tears.

Maybe NASA told us wrong:
ISS is short for International Spaghetti Station,
planets being meatballs
and comets swirling noodles.

Twinkling stars
are in fact
a Martian’s
Morse code.

Maybe these ideas are just…
a little too far out.
But isn’t an empty universe
equally unbelievable?

No one knows the real situation,
beyond our atmosphere.
So ask yourself,
“Why not make it fun?!”

The author's comments:
This poem explores just how little we know about outer space.

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