Life Goes On

January 21, 2011
By ChrisOf94 BRONZE, Modesto, California
ChrisOf94 BRONZE, Modesto, California
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Sometimes all your ties just seem to go loose
lies blind your eyes so you cant see the truth
the world rotates sides, and I cry a lions tear
no traits try to hide that the iron lacks fear
soon as I bust the rhyme, I decline with lying peers
I assume its my time, so I release it all here
why do I bother and try to alter my father?
It’s slaughter inside to see him drink his bottled water
I bear with a struggle, claw/crawl through like my mother
seen that window crack, daughter screams "What was that!".
My life's up for bat, swing and miss back to back
think back to times when I wasn't socially awkward
nervously took a toll, my soul is purposely faltered
so when i wrote/rode this, I tore at my emotions
it all pours out, till the paper ends up soaking
life's a vest, and its best to stay up floating
even through stress, you rest cause your hoping
through these doubts, and thoughts full of clouds
and temptations telling me how, when or if I'm allowed
but that how its done, in the world we’re from
I’m your son/sun, but even I need to be shined on
in order to become and hit a home run

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