January 21, 2011
Sailboats float lazily toward the docks, drifting with the tide. They wander toward the setting sun, gliding to the harbor where they will rest on the waves.

The sun sets in the westernmost corner of the earth, oozing orange light into the sky and spilling it carelessly into the ocean. The unearthly colors become the envy of many artists, for they are impossible to duplicate. A distant whale surfaces to breath. The tiny droplets attract the attention of the sun's divine light, which reflects off them, attracting the attention of the privileged beholder.

Waves break on the shoreline, devouring sandcastles and other attributes left by recent visitors. They curve, curl, and crash, leaning on, before falling to, the beach. Playfully spitting bits of shattered shell and smooth glass as they wallow under the setting sun.

The sand moves to the steady rhythm of these waves. Each individual grain dancing to its own song. Millions of particles moving together with purpose. Coming together under the surging surf to create the base of the ocean. The pedestal of the earth.

The seahorse is perhaps the most amazing creature in the sea. Certainly the most admirable of sea life. He ambles through the water, taking his time, because he's not in a hurry. He is patient. He is graceful and confident. He makes the best of whatever the tide throws at him and NEVER backs down! The seahorse radiates individuality, basking in his own unique attributes. As he, too, settles down for the night, he is lulled to sleep by the soft sound of waves sloshing on the surface.

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