Colors of the World

January 21, 2011
By SurRara SILVER, Williston, North Dakota
SurRara SILVER, Williston, North Dakota
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I fly to great heights to achieve everything. I fly to greater heights to achieve what I have to fight for.

I wrap myself in the shadows of the world. A world that holds no color. To laugh and sing and to cherish the things around you are all things I don't possess.

Someone please! Hear Me! Why?! Why cant anyone her me calling for help?! I'm scared I don't like this world anymore. I keep looking for a light that can bring back to the world of colors. Why cant I find it? Does that mean that I am worthless?

I hear something but what? What is it that I hear? A voice?! So I'm not alone? When I'm in the shadows I can never see or hear anything. Why now of all times?!

Ah! So bright! What?! I cant believe it; blue that's blue! I can see a color! Theirs more! So bright! Thank you! I can see colors. I'm back! I'm back! You the one who saved me! Thank you! Thanks to you I have hope again!

The author's comments:
I wrote this because it pertains to me. I was an outcast. I thought nobody would every care for. Granted this particular poem might be a said way to put it, but Its something that came from the Heart. So everyone absolutely everyone! Thank you!!

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