little girl

January 21, 2011
By lauren134 BRONZE, Wilimngton, Delaware
lauren134 BRONZE, Wilimngton, Delaware
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duct tape is like the fource it has a dark side a light side and it binds the universe together

there once was a little girl with cuts on her sides. this was a place she could easily hide every times someone said something mean a cut would take the place of the world unseen. shed make a cut from witch she bleed this helped her control her fate instead

that faithful night shed had enough she she took a knife and there she was. now a cut that everyone could see. apparently it puts everyone in misery but now they say what has she done a beautiful child and now is gone but why couldn't you say that while she was alive! the comments she herd the things you said right to her face you couldn't have know the pain. you a perfect child what in the hell “that isent you thats to pretty to be you.” well thanks to you shes gone and never comming back. thanks to you shes dead on the floor with no hope to back.

The author's comments:
this i wrote when i was really upset when my friend almost died

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