what i am

January 26, 2011
what i am is a dreamer.
a wisher.
a music junkie.
I am free to explore.
To learn.
free to take the rode less traveled,
or make one of my own.

What i am is a geek.
What i am is a writer.
A reader.
What i do is allow books to swallow me whole.sometimes i pull myself back out, but not often.

I am complex.
I can't be tamed.
(no pun intended).
I am a dreamer, a wisher.
A music junkie.
I am a geek.
A writer.
A reader.
But, what i will be remains to be determined.

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Basketball23 said...
Oct. 17, 2011 at 11:24 am
When I read this, I felt like you were describing me.  This is so true and it probably is for a lot of people.
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