leftover America

January 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Come one Come all
To the satire that is America
Here lie the freaks of our nation
The toothpick chewin
The Nascar watchin
The gum chomping like, likes
So put down your spools of string and non mechanical gadgets
And come ride the air-o-plane to a magical land
Ignore the glitz and the glam, the famous, and the fab
Come see what no one else has,
The black painted fingernail potheads
The bible thumping all mighty lord praisin
The word slurrin barstool drunkards
Be our Hawaiian shirt obesity for the day, the week, the year
Come see what we don’t
So as we slide our butt hugging old blue jeans on a sip our ice cold Coca-Cola know that you are seeing the real American Dream, while we are living the not SO good life.

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