Last Love...

January 26, 2011
By loveeless SILVER, Holland, Michigan
loveeless SILVER, Holland, Michigan
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Fighting the fear,
That I just can’t bare,
From losing my love,
And from shooting a dove…

I wish I could fly,
And go so high,
To make everything go by,
And just die…

Just die...
And say goodbye,
Or live,
And say hi…

Say hi,
To this guy,
Staring in his eyes,
And feeling alone…

Alone in this world,
Alone in this house,
Feeling so hollow,
So hollow inside…

Yet happy,
Happy on the inside,
Holding him close,
Wishing I were a ghost…

A ghost,
That will fade,
Fade into the shade,
And never be seen again…

Screaming so high,
Wishing I would just die,
Die in your arms,
Die inside…

Feeling the pain,
That I just gain,
Lying on the ground,
And to this hound,
Seeing the light,
As I bite…

Running to him,
With all my limbs,
Hearing his sweet voice,
And making a choice…

A choice to die,
To die in his arms,
To die not sad,
But happy…
Happy to say
“I love you,
I love you,
With all my heart…

All my heart,
And soul,
My mind,
And body…”

Crying for this love,
And for the dove,
For the dove has been shot,
Shot and dead…

Shot in the sky,
Not saying goodbye,
When it smashes to earths soil,
Making it boil…

I stare,
I can not bare,
Bare this hate,
And taking this bait…

Hearing your scream,
And getting hit by the beam,
Smashing my insides,
Staring you in the eyes…

Falling to the ground,
To which I was bound,
Seeing you there,
And your wet hair…

Holding me close,
And loving me so,
Wishing I wouldn’t go,
Go so far away…
So far away,
On this bay,
Touching your face,
With no hase…

Seeing all the tears,
Seeing all the fears,
Fears to die,
Fears to say goodbye…

Say goodbye,
To this guy,
This guy that I love,
As much as my dove…

Seeing the light,
In his eyes,
And start saying,

“Good bye my love…
Good bye my sweet…
Good bye my heart…
Good bye my soul…

You are my everything,
You always will be,
Kissing him deeply,
And passionately…”

As my hand falls,
And you start to ball,
I whisper,” I love you,
I love you my love…”

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