January 26, 2011
By Connor Donovan SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
Connor Donovan SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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Black and white ebony,
My fingers caress the keys
Smoothly moving across them
I treat the keys like a butterfly
So delicately as not to break them
The sound flows from my fingertips
The notes floating around my head
I play
Anything and everything
My heart and soul move from me
They become the music
My energy disappears
I become calm and focused
Everything moves slower
Time begins to fade away
I disappear
Only to be replaced by music
The piano becomes me
The music becomes my being
It becomes my life
Everyone disappears
Replaced by the sound of the piano
I enter a world of seclusion
A world where no one can touch me
Nothing can hurt me
The music is the only thing in that world
My feelings are turned into notes
My thoughts into melodies
Time becomes a concept
The keys surround me
Black and white together
They become one color
The only color
They become the color of music
The notes start to tell a story
Moving in different directions
They dance around me
Creating images
Creating a story
They capture me
I’m still
I watch the story in my head
My fingers weaving it in a distant world
The notes are dancing
They bounce and move
As the song ends they begin to disperse
The images begin to disappear
Color begins to come back to the world
I begin to leave the secluded world
Time starts moving faster
Life begins around me
The song is over
Everything becomes normal
Life continues
I continue
Like this never happened
Like I never played the song
I go about my business
The music is gone

The author's comments:
I play piano and a friend gave me an idea to write about music so i started writing about piano. It was also for an English assignment

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