Those Were the Days

January 26, 2011
Those were the days, that was the time
time of our lives
time of my life
Before I knew and better
before I knew and worse
before I experienced the curse of being diverse
diversity in the city,
The city I've lived to represent
The Hawks, Falcons, Thrashers, the Braves
Home of the Braves
I once was brave
I wasn't afraid to jump
even if it meant falling 300 feet into a place I didn't know
I call it the unknown
Don't know a single thing
I didn't have a single care
didn't care, who cared what my thoughts were?
Nothing really mattered
Life was about fairy tales
that tell young kids
"Life's gonna be perfect"
This hurts gonna be worth it
Don't worry if you don't fit in now, cause in the end, the shoe fit the misfit.
So don't quit
don't sit
Life's too short for you to blend
and every shot that you shoot
you don't always win.
When I was 3 foot 7, I saw the world with such theatrics
I believed it velociraptors
I believed in Hollywood actors
I believed with everything
come a happily ever afters.
But I was silly to believe that wouldn't come with so disasters,
It wouldn't come with the obstacles that eventually I would master.
And sometimes maybe laughter is the answer to solving life's questions.
Sometimes questioning reality questioning what you've been told
questioning what is known
will build you to be bold,
It will help you understand
I admit I've needed a few hands
to help me get to this land that now I can finally stand
And look back at time
the mountain that I chose to climb Those were the times
Those were the days
I know I can't go back
but those moments I'll save til my grave.

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caitlinann23 said...
Feb. 9, 2011 at 10:28 am

Once again. Amazing. Super talented. Its like you paint a picture with every word and detail. And the flow isn't hard to catch on to, trust me.


LexieWhite replied...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 9:23 am
awww thank you hunn! :))
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