Oh Boy!

January 20, 2011
By amyjones BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
amyjones BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Back against the wall
Head between my knees
To wrap my brain around the events
That had happened before this moment
Eyes shut tight
But it wouldn't hold back the tears
The pain
That you had caused
By filling my head
With all these thoughts of us
Back when there even was an 'us'

Our bodies intertwined
Your brown hair tickled my cheek
As you leaned in close
Your breath hot in my ear
Told me how beautiful I was
But more importantly
How you would always love me
No matter what
Then you pulled back
And placed a kiss on my nose
My big smile
Matching yours

But eventually, you'd have to leave
Taking my heart
And the air in my chest
With you
When we were apart
We were talking
And when we weren't talking
I was thinking about you
And the more I thought of you
The more I wanted you
It was then I found out
I needed to be with you

I felt like an addict
And I guess I was
When we were together
Hours passed like minutes
You caused me pure ecstasy
But when you cut me off
And I was by myself
The craving for your touch
Consumed me
I was a complete mess
Meltdown after meltdown
Left me in ruins
My limp body
Sprawled across the floor
Eyes glazed over
And lips parted ever so slightly
I was no longer lovesick
I was taken over by a love coma

But I was jolted back to reality
The loss of you
Had sent an electric shock into my body
It ran through my veins
And struck vengeance on my heart

Pain turned to sorrow
And that into numbness
But eventually I recovered
Now that thinking clearly was possible
Taking a deep breath
I began to reminisce on the whole experience
Which I had endured
To get to the point I was at now
But as the moments came back into my memory
I wanted to scream
And cry
Just to make a scene
Though I tried
Nothing came out
So I decided it best
To sit and wait
For time to continue

Well, now all I have to say is
Maybe next time
You'll choose your words
And plan out your actions more carefully
So that someone else
Doesn't fall in love with you
And make the same mistake I did
To think that you actually cared about me
What bulls***
I don't know
Whether I'm more mad at you
Or myself

No, it's definitely you

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