Beyond My Limits

January 20, 2011
By T.D.Maxwell PLATINUM, Blue Island, Illinois
T.D.Maxwell PLATINUM, Blue Island, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
The world is stupid
The world is blind
why cant we all do hippie
and throw up the peace sign

I listen to rap so no one can rock me
I want to live to be 40 so please don’t glock me
I free write with my poems so can’t ever lock me
I’m not Italian so you can’t ever mob me
I’m not even German so don’t call me Nazi
I’m so laid back I swore my nickname is lofty
My last name is Maxwell but please call me coffee
I play call of duty now watch me drop shot
You don’t run away I make you hop scotch
I write my rhymes very strategically
And put together every line meaningly
My voice is different so no need to articulate
Putting words together that you can’t even pronounciate
People say I should rap well here’s one for you
Unlike most out there I don’t talk about w***** dude
As you know In a rap every line is different
Unlike most blacks I don’t eat watermelon
But don’t mistake I will eat some chicken skin
Babie I’m the one for you call me best buy
We can grow old together and lady lets die
Just because I have a different opinion don’t demonize
But I still stay calm sit back and I drop bombs
If you think you’re better than me, face palm
Flow so ugly I couldn’t scrape the grime off
But its so sticky you can’t even grind off
Time on now watch me get my shine on
if you can’t hear me you must be concrete
im coming for the throne you in the wrong seat

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