in my father's arms

January 20, 2011
By , louisville, KY
In my Daddy’s Arms
You were always the strong one,
You always gave support,
But now I comfort you,
As your tears run softly down.

I run into your arms,
Like I did when I was younger,
But now you hold me closer,
Scared to let me go.

I ask you why, why must this happen,
Why must we feel this pain?
But you never answer me,
You only hold me closer.

I watch as you let out your pain,
You’ve held back for weeks.
Reality is setting in,
I don’t think we’re ready.

Your eyes pierce straight through me,
Full of broken hope and empty spirits,
There’s nothing left for you to hold onto,
No faith for a new tomorrow.

I try to stand tall, put on a brave face,
I try so desperately to help you,
But I crumble down onto your shoulder,
As my own tears roll down.

When you hold me in your arms,
Nothing can touch me.
I feel safe inside your arms,
In my daddy’s arms.

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