Seven Years

January 20, 2011
All of a sudden
They were gone
My teacher, some students
We were alone

Panic flowed through us
Fear in our eyes
So many questions
Not an answer in sight

News will report
Reasons for why
The truth, my parents knew
They were with God, in the sky

Seven years was my punishment
Trial on earth, a living Hell
I had been told, although I ignored
Obvious signs of God's glorious will

For the next seven years
The Great Tribulation
God's army will rise
In every single nation

Fighting the devil
Many will fall
Martyrs for God
Will be almost all

Earthquakes and fires
Floods, plague, and war
What an exciting time
To say "God we fight for!"

Seven years will end
And Christ will return
Christians will follow
Satan's army will burn

Christ's Great Millennium
Free we will be
To worship our God
The King all will see

The earth will perish
Heaven be no more
We'll leave behind the old
A great kingdom is in store

Believers in Christ
We'll all stand tall
Singing his praise
Peace for all

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