January 20, 2011
Mesmerizing crystal eyes,
Drowned in liquid diamond
Rusted ball joints,
That squeal at the slightest movement
An old lace dress
That glides down her figure
Ratty, brown hair, with a blackened veil
That hides her beautiful face

She has rosy cheeks,
Blooming red lips,
Angelic eyelashes,
And a smile that
She so dearly wished was real

Her body is suspended from
Nearly torn strings
Connected to metal bands
That caress the fingers

She hangs there endlessly
Dreaming of what she can be
What she could be
What she will never be

Raising her tarnished chin
She sees a golden stage
With a human controlling
A different puppet

She closes her
Dwarves, seeing her past
She was that puppet
Favored by all
As her newly tied strings
Set her free

She hopes for
Being held
Moving once more

But the others ask her
What are you dreaming?
What are you seeing?
What are you hoping?

Her heart pleas
It yearns for affection
She tries to admit to them
But mere gasps are all to be heard
Helpless and fragile
Is all that she remains.

But she hangs there endlessly
Forever dreaming
Of what she will never be
In those crystal eyes of hers
That have been drowned in liquid diamond

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Catiestar said...
Feb. 8, 2011 at 11:03 pm
I thought this was beautiful. Wonderful imagry.
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