January 20, 2011
By JoJo.Das. SILVER, Newtown, Pennsylvania
JoJo.Das. SILVER, Newtown, Pennsylvania
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Lights, sounds, people,
all tumble and turn around you.
They crisscross your vision, and your mind tries to follow,
tries to follow the actions that are happening nearby,
actions that seem meaningless, irrelevant, that have swallowed you so.

You try to establish order in a world where the convicts have gotten out,
their small, guarded cells now barren and empty.
They fight each other on the streets,
each one at war.

The bouts go on, brutal, deadly,
the city filled with shouts and screams.
Though no one can hear them die, one by one.
No one can see that they have been replaced,
changed about so that the city seems to have been destroyed, dissembled.
The people changed, exorcised,
you don’t even know yourself anymore.

The bright lights and vivid sounds slowly call you back.
You pause and take a look around,
stopping on everything, everyone.
They’re no longer the same, because,
neither are you.
And you begin to wonder,
are you better off, or more lost than you were to start?

The author's comments:
Getting over certain feelings and thoughts can be a lot harder than one might think. It plagues your mind, and at times, it seems like there is no way out of it. Like there is a war going on inside your head.

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