The Last Petal

January 20, 2011
By AStraw SILVER, Miami, Florida
AStraw SILVER, Miami, Florida
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In a grassy plain
A single rose is planted
It's core buried deeply in the soil
To only soon emerge

Slowly it sprouts
Holding the weight of the world
Upon its newly born leaves
For now the rose stands tall and bright
For all to see

In the eyes of a human
This rose is
If it were to wilt
Life as they knew it would also

The rose gains more years
And the pain it bears begins to
Sins are abroad,
It's once unblemished stem is
Now blistered with rotting thorns

Handled with care
The leaves are raised
In order to protect
It's only love

But still,
Though all its pain,
The rose wears a mask
Hiding all worries
Insecurities, anxieties
From the treasured burden

More time passes
As the world begins to
Grow larger
With guilt
Solitude and

This weight held so dearly,
Begins to deplete resources,
Water becoming more and more scarce
It tries to conserve energy
But fails to do so without shedding

The rose begins to
Weep blood red petals
From the lack of
Care from the burden

It begs for enlightenment
For the world to know its
It wants the people to
Understand what it bears

It pleas for its end
For the final thorn to
Finally be born and
End it all

But until the last petal falls
The rose will forever
Bear the weight of the world

The author's comments:
This was actually a class assignment, on how the world should end. Mine's clearly about a super-amazing rose.
It might not be totally clear, and that's the point (Hah. Pun.).
And I don't usually write a ton of poetry, so...Enjoy! C:

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