Night Time Air

January 20, 2011
The air pierces your lungs,
You breathe it in, trying to feel something inside.
You open your closed eyes to see, but see as much as if they were closed.
the inky blackness is complete, impenetrable.
It invites you, surrounds you, devours you.
You become lost again.

Your bare feet steps on cold stone.
Walking onwards, you can feel it start to change.
The smoothness starts to disappear,
rocks pinch at your feet, but you keep on walking.
The pain irrelevant compared to what is blinding you so.

A light breeze passes you by; you can feel it through the very bones
that are keeping you standing, keeping you walking forward.
The stone path has ended now, and your feet touch the very earth.
You look behind you, trying to see where you came from,
trying to make sense of it all.
But you’re only greeted by an empty void,
by nothing.

Your begin to reach out, your hand trying to find something,
something that you can hold onto, and never let go.
But before you hand searches the empty air,
Another grasps onto it.
You look back, and you see,
that you have been walking in circles.
That he was always waiting there.
Quietly, patiently, waiting for you to find him,
and never let go.

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