I'll tell you

January 20, 2011
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She's lost, she's broken like a hollow shell of a person. One who no one can truly meet or befriend because she wont trust you. She believes no matter what she says no on will truly understand. She thought about jumping but that would be the easy way out. She tries not to ask for much but still believes she deserves nothing. She tries to scream but cannot bring herself to do it. She does mot cry because tears just never cone. She swings but there is no one there for her to hurt. She never goes out because others may see her and ask what's wrong. She tried to cut herself but she cannot stand the sight of blood and could not bring herself to make a mark deeper than a scratch. So she smiles and keeps everything on a don't ask, don't tell basis. She pretends she is happy. She argues when she should just shut up and cut her losses. In many ways i am her, and she is me. But then again i made her up. So in a way she's nothing like me. Just ask her, I'll tell you.

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