With his Last Breath

January 20, 2011
By Adriannadestiny BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
Adriannadestiny BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
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She was nine,
He was ten,
They fell in Love,
Way back when,
Years went by,
After she moved away,
They were still in Love,
And talked Everyday,
He said she was beautiful,
Those words made up for the distance;
made up for the space,
And Though he couldn't see it,
His words put a Smile,
On her pretty little face,
He promised her he'd Never let her go,
He didn't know it then,
But his promises lit up her sad world,
His words gave her Hope,
More years passed,
Their distance grew,
Though they were Apart,
Their Love grew too,
She told him that she Loved him,
And that she wanted to be his,
And how every night she had wished,
That she could have just one more Kiss,
He got down on one knee that day,
In the middle of the park,
She never said it aloud,
But she thought her heart had Stopped,
They got Married under the stars,
And the light of the moon,
Their lives became One,
As they said I Do,
Children were Born,
Grew up and Moved away,
But their Love never Faded,
Their Love never Strayed,
Their hair slowly turned Grey,
And hey began to look back on the Years they were Apart,
And how Eager they were,
For their Lives to finally Start,
Nearing the End,
He held her hand,
His touch was just as Gentle as it had always been,
They thought of how Fast their lives had gone by,
And how they both still Shared that same feeling,
When they looked into each others Eyes,
He was Fading fast,
But they knew that even in Death their Love would last,
She knew there was Nothing else the doctors could do,
And with his Last Breath he whispered,
I Love You.

The author's comments:
This poem tells the story of a love that i can only wish to have one day myself.

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