Help Me

January 15, 2011
By , Jewett, OH
Cries of pain fill the air
People act as if no one's there

They beg for some one to listen
But they walk on as if nothings missin'

Time drags on for the person in need
While everyone else stands around smoking weed

The person realizes she's now alone
She crawls into a dark corner without even a moan

The people who promised her love
Put her in the middle of thugs

They left her there to be buried alive
Under the hate, pain, and lies

She wants them all to just go away
Then she won't have to suffer through the day

But they don't leave, they never will
They keep pushing her to the edge, through the mill

She gives up and jumps over
She knows she's dead, waking up in a field of clover

They've learned their lesson, she thinks
They try to eliminate their tears with all the blinks

But each and every single one is a liar
I hope they all burn in fire

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