January 15, 2011
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So, Mr Dealer, you’re sick of selling to those,
Who are homeless, jobless, ragged and eternally stoned?
You’re ready for a challenge, to hook someone new,
And once you’ve got me, you know, I’ll run right back to you.
When you first approach me, a young teenage girl,
You see a typical child, finding my way in the world,
But, Mr. Dealer, what you don’t realise is this,
I’ve value in life, drugs I’d much rather miss.
I have a plan I plan to stick to,
Rather than get stuck on you,
I know what can happen,
To those that do:
When you rush through their bloodstream,
When you sink into their system,
You send them into a ‘high’ dream,
Your sensations seduce them.
Their senses go senseless,
Their life turns to a haze,
That guy obsesses,
Day after day
Heroin, Please!
Is all you can think,
The cravings never cease,
You become an addict.
It takes all control,
It steers you left,
It twists your soul,
It builds your dept,
And you somehow think,
I’ll buy into this mess?
Sorry, I’d rather not lose,
My friends or my house,
Live for worse than the boos,
And become a dirty louse.
Ditch the plan for success,
For a few grains a day,
Become a vile mess,
It’s too high a price to pay!
You scream temptation,
But I will always resist,
Your slippery fancy,
Your smooth, dreamy mist.
You are just like a spy,
Waiting for my trust,
As you tell your lies,
And turn me too corrupt.
Without my realisation,
You go deep inside,
And start your destruction,
Thus begins the horror ride.

Once you have the key,
You lock the door,
And before promised peace,
Becomes an oppressive law.
A fierce dictatorship,
Where Heroin rules,
The highs gone in a blip,
You think I’m a fool?
To pave such a path,
To lead such a life,
To be in the dark,
To lose all the light.
But what say would there be?
Once he invades,
It’s not up to me,
He won’t go away.
No doubt will I come,
To want to leave it alone,
It’s no longer that fun,
I really should have known.
Suddenly, my dream,
Has turned into a nightmare,
I toss and I scream,
It was fun, this is not fair!
But the cravings don’t stop,
They worsen with time,
I’m too cold and too hot,
One more shot should be fine.
So no, Mr Dealer,
I don’t want any of this,
I’ve value in life,
All that? I think I’ll give a miss.

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