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January 15, 2011
By drowning-in-sorrow GOLD, Randallstown, Maryland
drowning-in-sorrow GOLD, Randallstown, Maryland
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If today is yesterdays tomorrow.
Then this morning would be the dawn of the day
We lost sleep over last night.
And if home is where the heart is,
Mine is lost somewhere in flight.
If every lie leaves a scar
And the body is a temple
This place is burning to the ground.
If the eyes are the gateway to the soul
Mine in its own mess will never be found.
I dare you to look.
I dare you to try.
I dare you to take the time.
Look me in the eye,
And tell me that tomorrow will be okay.
Even though we all died yesterday.
Tell me you’ll hold my heart
Even though its already fallen apart.
Now tell me that you can’t lie.
That I should trust in your words
And follow you and live this life.
If tonight is the night
Then tomorrows yesterday would be right now
And I cant stop thinking and wondering how.
How I’ll make it to my future if I died yesterday, dying tonight and dying every minute.
How will my life ever be a light.
But I guess were all dying. There’s no way to live.
So I'll take my scars and your lies And I’ll just close my eyes and jump.
I'll pick up my heart and my pride and I'll leave.
And I'll live and
Sometimes I'll cry
But watch me go.
Watch me live.
Watch me fly.

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