Holding Hope

January 15, 2011
By Anonymous

This confined territory that aches beneath my bones
It’s not a soul, just a common entrance to the feeling of rage
It’s been bottled up for a while now waiting to explode like a timeless grenade
What has my anger become, some sort of cat and mouse game?
The feelings will come and go seeking for any chance of revenge.
I am holding onto hope, but it’s on a strand of confusion
Is this confusion what I need?
I am amerced to the sea now.

I am the killer to the murder of my mind
As I pace the cage of glory.
I pray with virgin hands no longer
As I weep with a pool of hearts love
To deep with fury but to shallow for any chance of regret

I am falling away from disappearance making my entrance,
On reality. I am my own wonderland now.

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