January 14, 2011
You were always so wild

All over the place

Ever since you were a little child

You never had faith

And you demanded space

But no matter what you do

I've always been here

Standing by you

You knew time was counting down

All the odds were against us

But I told you we'd turn things around

The moment of judgement came

Everything altered into something twisted

Nothing will ever be the same

Save your tears

I'll fight off your fears

Don't hold your breath

Cause there's nothing left

We'll start over again

With me, as your friend

With love and hope

Until the end

They hate us

They want us gone

They debate us

They need their blind pawn

We reject

While they can't accept

What we've come to expect

The new begining

As the world stops spinning

What they couldn't concieve

Will be achieved

As long as we continue to believe

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