Half Way Under

January 14, 2011
By , Burlington, VT
Half way Under
Under the streets
neon signs
booming clubs
and candy colored houses

I stood in the dark
metallic taste in my mouth
and a chill spreading through out
my veins

I always escaped under
searching for the powder
that brought back the ghosts
the ghosts living in my head

the drug serging through my body
flowing through my thin blue veins
brought those ghosts to live

and I danced with them once again
I buried them deep into my soul
I will never let them go

and so I stand here
half way Under
blood shot eyes
cold sweat
and so thin
so very thin
I look like i could break

now I'm one of them
how could i ever let them go
it is already to late
I am one of them

A ghost
living in the shadows
I am safe here
Half way Under.

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