Fallen Angel

January 25, 2011
By LifeandDeath BRONZE, Wilmore, Kentucky
LifeandDeath BRONZE, Wilmore, Kentucky
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She looks away,
Off into a distance that I cannot see.
Pain, sadness, and confusion
Paints her beautiful face.
“What troubles you, My Lady?”
I ask desperately.
A quick glance spared my way,
With the whispered answer
“I don’t remember”
In a voice so pure
yet laden with grief and regret
Leaves my heart heavy
With despair and sorrow.

At night,
I see her on the balcony,
Glowing in the moonlight
That falls on her like gentle kisses.
My heart calls out
Longing for her eyes to see me,
Truly see me.
She reaches out a hand into the night,
With nothing but the air,
And the ghost of a past she longs for
Slipping through her fingers.

Tears fall,
Like rain from the heavens
As she turns away from my open arms
And looks again into the distance I cannot see.

The author's comments:
The movie "The Last Unicorn" inspired this piece. Because she longs for what she once had, she cannot see the one who loves her, and in doing so, breaking his heart.

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