Fame, Not Going to Last Forever!

January 25, 2011
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Why do people do such insane things to be famous?
They lie,
They cheat,
They steal,
They don’t care about what happens to other people along their way up the social ladder.

Tearing and clawing at the
Hopes and dreams of the ones below them,
They’ve confused
Fame with infamy.

Bragging about who they are, and where they stand.
Their words hang in the air,
And float around all of us simpletons,
Constricting us slowly,
And killing us off, one by one.

Name in lights,
In papers,
On television,
And the radio,
Getting a bigger ego from hearing or seeing their name,

Ignorance, Ostentation, and Arrogance
Are like methamphetamine,
Getting them
Higher and higher,
But when they crash,
It’s a heavy downfall.

All their pillaging and plundering,
Don’t mean a thing once they’re on our level.
They struggle and fight,
Until they can reach the next high,
Or ruin the next life.

Fame, Fortune, Strength and Power,
That’s all that matters.
That’s all that will ever matter to them.
Because it will get them recognized.

Sleeping their way to the top,
Thieving their way to a bigger bank account,
Lying their way through all the hard times,
That’s the way to get famous.

Why do people care so much, about if other people know their name?
Why do people care, how much larger their wallet is compared to their friends?

They would sell their soul for
Fifteen minutes of fame,

And end up with a lifetime of unhappiness.

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