Mountains in May By me.

January 25, 2011
just wait for the day
where well see the dawn breakaway
on a mountain top
so far away
open air . the beginning of may

see the stars
its like the cars
flying and turning and twisting the sky
spinning like silk
shaping the ilk
leaving the the wind to say goodbye

begging for freedom
from this enclosed sanctum
let me see the light of day
let me feel the air between my fingers
let me breathe in the cold breeze
and stand above the tree line
on a mountaintop so bare

there's no placing its beauty
in any picture frame
close your eyes and listen
to the sounds we'll never tame

cause there's no point in leaving
if your coming back someday
just stay here through the evening
let the light fade away
on a mountain top is Eden
letting the time go astray
if it wasn't meant for me then
I'd come again next may

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