Exactly Like You

January 25, 2011
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Dear Friend,

I am writing this letter to show you I care, to encourage, to rouse, to inspire and share! You’re one smart cookie, my friend, and I know it is true that you are capable of doing what you set your mind to. Six years ago, when I began singing out loud to the songs in my head, before I knew it I was a local celeb! Do you have a talent? If you think long and hard, you’ll discover you do! And when you find it—oh, the places it can take you! For instance, I performed at local festivals and in some talent shows, then one thing led to another and I was soon with the pro’s saluting our country before a minor-league game and singing at parties and weddings for those who had since known my name. Sometimes you achieve heights you never thought you could reach like singing for the president before he makes a speech, or progressing through the first round of American Idol, which makes you feel lucky even if you don’t take the title. When your talents take you places, it teaches you a lot. You learn the most from your struggles or when you’re put on the spot. Because sometimes things won’t go as you plan, you’ll get discouraged and you might want to give up, but you must understand. Even if you lose or someone is greater, you must pick yourself up, you’re your own future-maker! I tell you, my friend, you can do some great things and become a “somebody,” whether you dance or you sing. Whether you draw, or you sculpt, or you cook, or you build, doing whatever you love will make you feel fulfilled. Even if you don’t have a clue what to you, you must remember that no one does your talent exactly like you! So get out there, find your talent, and do the best you can do. Then you will see the places it can take you, too.

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