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The Wondrous News

January 25, 2011
By Ben.smith BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Ben.smith BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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The Wondrous News
The day I heard it
I didn’t believe my ears
It was like hearing
A baby’s first words

Getting married?
NO Way
I couldn’t believe it
My sister was getting married?
I was so happy for her
All I could do was have my jaw
Dropped and stare at my sister
And her Fiancé, Gabe
A war veteran
A real hero
A man
As strong as steel
But also quiet and timid
Like a shy 10 year old

I’m happy for them
But I’m also worried
Marriage is like a math test
Once you get the notice of it happening
You start to get ready
But you’ll never know if it will go over well
In the end
Will you get an A?
Will you stay together?
Will you flunk?
Will you divorce?
No one can know you grade
No one can know if you live a happy relationship
But until then
You always pray for the best.
The day had come
The doors opened
Out came my sister with my dad
Slowly walking down the isle
She finally got to the stage

She stood up on the stage
Her shoulder length wavy brown hair
Her white dress shimmering
It had a red stripe
Across her chest of the dress
She had bright red high heels
They sprouted her height 2 inches higher
Into the clouds of marriage
You could see little beads
Beads of water
Bubbling up in her eyes
It made her blue eyes shimmer in the light
But she was smiling
Wearing light red lipstick
Not quite pink
But beautiful
An angel of radiance

When I looked at my sister
I only thought one thing
She deserves this
She has been working harder then a bear
Trying to get honey
On college
And keeping a relationship going
She deserves this

When it came for my sister and her fiancé
To say those two words
My sister could barley talk
She sounded like a mouse
You could barley hear her
It was a squeak of a sound
But you knew what she said
I do

The ring was slid onto her finger
As if it was meant to be there.
The ring’s beauty rushed out
Swirling around the stage
Grabbing everyone attention

Tears were streaming down my sister’s face
Tears of relief
She had made it
The tears were flying
From her face soaring
To the ground
Spreading their bodies out
Into a splash
The stress was leaving her
Tear by Tear

It was a success.
I think they got an A+

The author's comments:
I did this for my sister's wedding. It was also a class assignment to write a poem about a special event. It was only half done when I turned it in. After I got it back without having an assignment I kept writing. Hope you like it.

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