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The Real Me

January 25, 2011
By Anonymous

What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a little ***** or an intelligent young lady? You make me feel worthless like i'm nothing more than a piece of meat. But yet i'm a little girl lost in this big bad world. I just wanna find my way back to where i belong. Dont know how i got so far off track. You treat me like some ignorant little school girl, when I know more than you think. I just hope that one day you will start to see the real me and not a reflection. You play with me like a toy, but its not just your, its mine too. I don't try hard enough to ignore you when I should. You know that your fine so you try n use it against me knowing that i'm weak to your very touch. But I will take a stand and claim my personality and body back. Because I let you try and come and go as you please, but I refuse to get on my knees. I'm not like that and I wish you could see the amazing, bright, and funny girl inside. I don't want you thinking of me as trash or your call girl. So just know that i'm not a dime or a dollar, because dimes get flipped and dollars get ripped, but i'm a diamond, because they are forever beautiful !

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