Setting Free

January 25, 2011
Darkness all around me
My voice cannot be heard
A small light ahead can be seen
It is dim
When it should be bright
I try to move
But I am chained to this stone floor
I try to move yet again
Only hearing my dense breathing
And the loud clattering of the chains
Hitting the floor
A voice
Do you hear it?
Or is it just me?
The soft, gentle, velvet voice
Of a male
I know what he’s trying to do
He speaks calmly, softly
Worry in his voice.
He doesn’t want to scare me
He doesn’t want to hurt me
He tells me this over and over again
I try to tell him
He won’t
He never will
But I can’t find my voice.
What is wrong with me?
Soft, cold, gentle hands
Grip my wrists
It is him
I can’t see him
The darkness clouding my visions
Is he real?
Or has this darkness drove me
To a point where I must
Question my own sanity?
Is this real?
He speaks softly
Telling me not to worry
That soon I’ll be free
It seems unbelievable
But it is.
He gently takes the chains
Off of me
I am free
I’m able to move
He takes my hands in his own
Cold, but warmth is in me
Able to move
Able to breathe to be set free
I can walk towards the light
Out of this darkness…

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