Feelings Hid Behind

January 25, 2011
Why do I feel so afraid?
Will I ever show myself?
I fear the thought of being alone.
But yet the truth is still not shown.
I fear the thought of death.
But yet I show no signs.

No one knows why I feel this way.
No one knows I am afraid.
No one can feel my pain
I hide my feelings from the world.
I’m just another sad and lonely girl.
But I keep my feelings hidden
Deep within my heart.

Afraid of what the world might think
Just another girl with no ambition.
These feelings I have
May never be shown.
Love will find a way
To secure my heart with trust
And until that perfect day arrives
Broken, my heart will remain.

Someday the guy I love will love me also
Like in my dreams the feelings will be new
Someday I’ll make my feelings known
Someday I’ll make my fears turn gray
Someday the world will notice me
Hidden feelings inside and out.
Not so perfect, but striving to be heard.
Hidden feelings inside and out.

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